Green = Flat, Yellow HF control @ +1.

Green = Flat, Yellow HF control @ -1.

Green = Flat, Yellow HF control @ -2.

New speakers in the office.

A pair of Rokit 5 “White Noise” special edition monitors.

Here the KRKs are compared with the latest version of some 8” 2-way speakers I’ve been working on. The 8” speakers are twice the size and the raw drivers cost more than the entire Rokit 5.

Green = Rokit 5, Yellow = 8” monitor system.

These are quite good, especially for the price ($300 / pair). I may recommend them to some friends just for music speakers. They sound warm, a bit brilliant with the HF control “flat”, but that can be tamed more like a “HiFi” speaker by attenuating the top. They beat run of the mill stereo speakers in their price range at Best Buy by a long shot. They may see some lab use as well. Recommended.

Update: after almost a year, it turns out they didn’t replace the SoundWorks at the editing computer. They have become all-purpose small monitors wherever I need some good amplified speakers. For instance when setting up an old tape deck to make digital transfers, or on location for quick playback. Handy. Sound good. Still recommended.