What does the frequency response look like?


Flat from 30 Hz to 3KHz with a 2dB rise at 4500 and a 4dB rise centered on 12 KHz


Gently falling from 20 Hz to 4KHz, a 3dB dip at 5K, and a 6dB rise centered on 12KHz

Figure 8

Rising from 30 Hz to 3KHz with a 4dB rise at 4500 and a 2dB bump centered on 12 KHz

Intermediate patterns fall between cardioid and omni or cardioid and fig-8. The mic sounds good on vocals in cardioid, no mud, clear diction without being sibilant. Slightly on the airy side which can be tamed with a gentle 10KHz shelf in post. It has an “87” character over all. The response variations with pattern changes can be used to good effect now that they are known.

So the RK-12s will go into another build, as will another capsule I am eager to try out.