Most of the low-cost microphones on the market are made in China and share many construction details.

We call it the

Universal Chinese Microphone.

A Linear-87 circuit board and custom output transformer intended to fit a CAD GXL3000 mic body (above) can be

installed in a $40 “K5000” karaoke mic chassis (right) along with an RK-47 capsule. Serious upgrade, or to look at it from the other perspective, cheap chassis for a fine mic.

Some other UCMs:

              MXL 992

“K700” chassis with M-P V-57 circuit boards and RK-87 capsule.

Another “K5000” with RK-12 capsule and DIY electronics.

A bare “K5000” chassis

                                            A couple of boxes.

You can find the cheap mics by searching eBay for “K5000 microphone” or “E1000 microphone” and then looking at the seller’s other mics. Or perhaps you have a Chinese mic from CAD or MXL which could stand a heart transplant. There’s a good chance that an upgrade kit intended for some other mic can be made to fit.