Interface card inside keyboard

Component side of keyboard card.

Fairchild  9311DM

4-to-16 decoder



hex buss driver


resistor pak

Solder side of keyboard card

Apple II buss interface card

Component side




Solder side

Pins 18-25 of the DB25 are all grounded.

What’s needed to make an alphaSyntauri

Keyboard, 4 or 5 octaves with 25-conductor ribbon cable to Apple II.

(Not a serial or null modem cable.)

Apple II buss interface card. Plugs into Apple II slot, with DB25 connector for keyboard cable.

Mountain Computer Music System cards,

2 cards connected by flex cable. May not work in an Apple IIe.

Apple II or Apple II Plus with floppy drives.

alphaSyntauri software and manuals.

Alpha Plus, Metatrak, Simply Music, Wave Editor, etc.