Apple II


In 1977 I started looking for one of the new small hobbyist computers to learn about digital electronics. I had been designing audio equipment and a few exotic pieces of studio gear were controlled by digital IC logic. It was the coming thing. I thought perhaps a KIM or a SOL would be interesting. Matt Smith and I made a trip to the newly opened Computerland Store in Louisville to look at small business systems for the motorcycle shop where Matt worked. It was there I saw the new Apple II. While Matt and John Stork (the proprietor) talked Imsai, S100, and CP/M, I played with the Apple.

I convinced myself an Apple was worth the extra cost over a KIM, because it was a complete system, not just a training / demo board. I never regretted that decision. That computer led to a new career in digital hardware, graphics, music, games, and networking.

    Apple II Music                                  Apple II Graphics

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