Henry, aka H3nry

I built my first amp at 12 years old. I asked for a radio for my birthday; Daddy gave me a Philmore kit and a soldering iron. He believed basic electronic skills should be part of a boy’s repertoire. AC-DC, chassis connected to one side of the power line, three tube regenerative circuit, AM and 3 shortwave bands, and 4” speaker. Cheap, dangerous, easy to modify, that radio taught me respect for electronics and hot circuits, both in temperature and voltage and to do careful and tidy work. In the days before consumer protection laws, you were expected to know what you were buying and weigh cost, performance, safety, and quality for yourself.

Over the years I’ve worked in several audio-related fields; consumer HiFi service, pro audio sales and service, recording equipment design and construction, location recording, and a very occasional performing gig. The last 25 years were in the computer industry, specializing in LAN equipment.

Always, I have been curious about unorthodox approaches to music and sound, wondering what they sound like, what the strengths are and where things can be improved. My equipment tends to be the result of experiments, seldom store bought, and if from a store, heavily modified.




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  1. 1.Cinnamon Tree - Esperanza Spalding (24/96 HDTracks)

  2. 2.Don’t Mean a Thing - H3nry

  3. 3.West Side Story - Louisville Orch.

  4. 4.O Makunde - Cirque du Soleil

  5. 5.Rhythm of the Heat - P Gabriel


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